Tivimate Premium Apk v4.1.0 IPTV Player 2022 {100% Unlocked}

Sitting in front of a TV or LCD and watching dramas or shows has become rare nowadays due to android streaming apps. You can watch live TV channels and browse the internet while watching TV channels online with TiviMate Premium Apk on your Android setup box and mobile devices. It’s an android TV app having unique features and an attractive User Interface.

Tivimate Premium Apk Latest

This streaming app lets you create a playlist of your favorite content and watch it later whenever you want. It is no longer required to wait for a specific time or bear watching commercials and ads during your favorite shows. We are here to assist you in downloading and installing the Tivimate Premium Apk cracked version. That’s why you will not see unwanted ads during any transmission. There is an option to search for your favorite channel in this app. This application provides full support to all users to watch full HD quality videos.

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About Tivimate premium apk

With the TiviMate Premium Apk, you can access IPTV unlocked on Android devices. This app lets users watch IPTV on their mobile devices without an LCD TV. Although the app isn’t as good as high-quality IPTV, users can access international channels with it. The app features scheduling games, playing playlists, and many other functions. 

The app’s inter-functionality allows users to do everything they can on a TV easily and conveniently on all Android devices. You’ll love the TiviMate app if you like to watch drama series and entertainment shows on your mobile phone. Using the Tivimate Premium app is free as long as you have Internet access. Through the use of IPTV emulation, Tivimate Premium APK lets you manage your TV from your phone, eliminating all of the trouble. The Tivimate Premium app allows you to link your Android device to your TV and manage everything from your Android device. IPTV may not have as much variety in usage as a traditional cable receiver, but it still provides a satisfying and enjoyable experience.


This app has plenty of features, making it a gem among the crowd. Let’s talk about the significant features of the Tivimate premium apk in detail. 

User-Friendly Interface

This app features an easy-to-use interface that makes it easier to use. A variety of categories makes it easy to use. Numerous features make it simple to operate. The user can do anything just by tapping the screen. Several options and features are available.

Furthermore, the user interface can be customized to provide a more comfortable viewing experience. The interface can be customized in color, layout, control layout, and display size. Watch your TV channels on your device when you connect the app with your IPTV provider.

Ease of Sync IPTV

Users with IPTV providers can easily connect their Android devices to IPTV playlists and services. If you have experience with IPTV, then you understand this much better. To sync the installation process, you must connect your device simultaneously with the installation process. This will allow you to see what you have been doing and when. Synchronization comes in handy for streaming movies, television shows, or anything else on different devices. The last time you watch on another device, you can begin watching immediately where you have left it off.

Customizable Interface

To make your interface awesome and unique, you can easily customize it. If you want to make the interface even more awesome and amazing, change the colors, size, control, and layout. This app’s user interface is responsive. The app offers many other features to provide you the ease of watching your favorite Tv shows on the go.

Watch your favorite shows anytime.

The IPTV will treat your device as a mini TV as soon as you have connected to it. As a result, you have access to anything you would have watched on your TV now on your device. You can also navigate much more conveniently. Just touch the screen as you would any other app to operate it. It eliminates the trouble of pressing buttons and wasting time on remote controls. Thanks to the Tivimate Premium APK, you can now access everything available on IPTV through your smartphone, and it is easier to use than ever, thanks to its simple interface.

Access all Premium features free.

If you download the Tivimate Premium app, you will get all the Premium features the app can offer to make the most of your experience. Compared to the basic standard version, the premium version provides many more features. You can browse any program or user option with Tivimate Premium APK. There are no limitations and bugs to using the most comprehensive set of features. In addition, there are no ads on the MOD version. With no annoying ads interfering, you can enjoy the app to its fullest.

How to download and install the Tivimate Premium Apk?

This streaming app’s download and installation process are similar to all other android apps. That’s why you will not face any difficulty in getting things done. Follow these simple steps. 

  • Click on the Download button.
  • You will then be directed to the download page.
  • Open your Downloads folder when the download is complete.
  • You will find the apk file there.
  • Choose Unknown sources for installation.
  • You can now install it.
  • Click on the open or done button when finished.
  • Good job! Tivimate premium apk can be easily installed using this method. 


Is it safe to install TiviMate Premium Apk?

Ans: The TiviMate app is safe and does not require root access. Download and install this Modded apk or iOS file on your Android or Apple phone in just one click.

Is it possible to use TiviMate Premium Apk offline?

Ans: Having endless entertainment and discovering hidden content is the purpose of TiviMate Pro Apk, and it is possible to use it offline.

Can I install TiviMate Premium Apk without rooting my device?

Ans: TiviMate Apk Premium modded version does not require root access. This Android file can be downloaded and installed without rooting your device.

Does TiviMate Premium Apk have an Android or iOS app store?

Ans: The app is available in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. If you prefer the modified version of this app, it is available here.

Final Thoughts 

We have tried our best to familiarize you with this best TV streaming app. This app lets you control your TV and operate it from your smartphone. You can search channels from the search bar. There is a lot of content that you will enjoy watching. As this is the mod version, you will access all the premium features unlocked free. You can download and install this application from the link given below. Don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones if you love this article. 

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