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how does a work Golf rangefinder

There is a question frequently asked by novice and amateur golfers that how does a golf rangefinder work. Whether you are a beginner or pro golfer, golf tracking devices are helpful for everyone.

Although it’s the reality that you may roughly calculate the distance when you become an experienced golfer, a golf rangefinder is more than a distance calculator. If you are using rangefinders golf for the first time, you may need assistance and guidance to use them.


The working of a rangefinder is dependent on its type. Currently, there are three main types of golf rangefinders that golfers are using. We will gradually demonstrate to you the working process of each one and describe details of a golf rangefinder. The widely used kinds of rangefinders are GPS rangefinders, LASER rangefinders, and Optical rangefinders.

How Does A Golf Rangefinder Work In Golf Series Of 2021

GPS Rangefinders

GPS rangefinders are capable of finding your target distance from 100 to 150 meters. But you have to connect your GPS device to a Satellite. It will show you the accurate location of your target when you have connected it to the satellite. 

You can readily measure the distance between your golf objects with the help of GPS rangefinders. Besides this, if you preload some pints first, the device will calculate your target distance based on the points. 

The GPS rangefinder receives a signal from the satellite, computes the distance of your device and target, and then moves the distance towards the target. It will be a plus point if you use satellite mapping to outline the course layouts.

How does a GPS rangefinder work?

You should preload some points on your smartphone before proceeding towards the golf course. However, some devices come with preloaded courses, and some are needed to load the points. After loading the points, Power on the GPS rangefinder. The next step is to connect your device to the satellite. 

You are nearly close to obtaining the distance of your target. Now, choose the aimed hole or point and get the position calculated of your target. Some devices provide details more than the distance calculation. Like, milestones on the course, front and back of the green, and distance to hazards. 

Why choose a golf GPS rangefinder?

The main advantage of adopting a GPS golf rangefinder is that you can determine the distance precisely, even if there are trees or barriers on the way to your target. 

Laser Rangefinders

Laser Golf rangefinders use a red beam to determine your target’s distance or hit on the golf course. These devices are temperature sensitive, so the visibility of red light may be affected by the weather. But you don’t worry as golf is generally played under pleasant temperature and clear sky. So, you are exempt from any trouble with the temperature. 

When the red beam strikes the target and reflects, the time it takes to bounce back is calculated by the clock installed in the laser golf rangefinder. The distance depends upon the speed of the red beam. 

If you have a laser rangefinder with an internal inclinometer, you will be capable of identifying your targeted area’s slope. Alongside this, some rangefinders come with the PINSEEKER feature that helps the device focus on the pin rather than the background. 

How does a Laser rangefinder work?

You will pinpoint the beam on your target on the golf course. After that, you need to concentrate the red beam on the area you plan your aimed zone. Then go to check the distance that your golf rangefinder has computed. 

There must be an indication of positive reading if you got the proper distance. If not so, you should readjust the device and start measuring the range again. 

Why choose a Laser golf rangefinder?

The reason to choose a laser rangefinder is to pinpoint any object on the course with flexibility and feasibility and measure the distance. 

Further, golfers don’t need to load the courses as in GPS rangefinders. Laser rangefinders deliver precise and exact distances than other golf rangefinders.  

Optical Rangefinders

Optical golf rangefinders are the simplest type of rangefinders. The distance on these rangefinders is calculated from a single eye. Inside the rangefinder, there is a built-in scale that converts the height of the pin into distance. 

As compared to other golf distance measuring devices, Optical rangefinders are not much popular, but they are capable of providing precise results. GPS and Laser rangefinders are, however, better in terms of accuracy. There are built-in scales in these monovular devices. 

Optical Golf rangefinders do not require a battery and are often available at reasonable prices. Besides this, you don’t have to download courses or pay subscription charges because these rangefinders come with preloaded scales. 

How does an Optical rangefinder work?

There are two lenses at both edges of the optical rangefinders. These lenses zoom in when you estimate your target. If you want to reset the zoom in or zoom out, you can press the focus button. Optical rangefinders use optics to determine accurate distance by changing over the measure of an item. 

Why choose an Optical golf rangefinder?

Optical golf rangefinders are inexpensive and budget-friendly. Further, No subscription or course downloading is required. Besides this, these rangefinders are helpful for hunters also. 


At the end of the discussion, we are pretty much sure that you get all the necessary information to start using your golf device and dive into the endless stream of fun. Now you should be aware of what a Rangefinder is, how rangefinders work. 

However, if you face any difficulty or need help, write to us in the comment section. We will be pleased to help our visitors. Have happy golf!


Are the golf rangefinders work accurately?

Ans: Yes, most golf rangefinders are capable of providing precise and accurate results.

How does an Optical rangefinder work?

Ans: Optical rangefinders are simpler than others. Hence, you can understand their functionality quite easily. For more details you can read our explanation above about the working of Optical rangefinders.

What should be the must-have features of golf rangefinders?

Ans: All golf rangefinders should contain accuracy, good battery life, clear Screen, lightweight and solid construction.

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