Evil Nun MOD APK Download v1.8.1 (Unlimited Coins) 2022

Evil Nun MOD APK is an Android horror game based on the character Valak from The Conjuring. Posing as a nun, the evil demon reappears to terrorize and intimidate viewers. The disturbance takes place in the area of video games this time. However, despite having a character image from The Nun, this game draws similarities to other earlier horror games, like Granny or Five Nights at Freddy’s. This game will allow you to transform into a boy held captive by a mad nun. Before she does something crazy to you, you should find a way out of her school. It will be possible for you to use your nerves, intellect, and courage to win this game.

Evil Nun Mod Apk Latest Version

Kepler’s Horror Games claims that Evil Nun is the most notorious Arcade-style game. In this game, you are surrounded by swarms of zombies and wander around a creepy school. With the help of dazzling weapons, you will need to defend yourself and end every zombie. Check out the game and let all your friends know your high score.

Features of Evil Nun MOD APK:

Here are some stunning features of the Evil nun mod apk that you will enjoy playing.

Unlimited Puzzles

This capacity is terrifying because the devil can feel everything at school. She could still go to the source if it was a minor key. However, if you aren’t in the room, she could still go to the source. She will slam your head against the wall. After each detection, you will have to wait until the next day to continue your escape plan. The best place to hide from her is underneath tables and file cabinets. Getting caught seven times will result in a punishment from the Nun of the Way of Satan. Evil Nun’s puzzles will help you escape this sick school. They are spread throughout the school, so you have to look for them. Using holy water cups and keys, you can begin to unlock secrets hidden beneath the school by decoding difficult questions. Note that the ghosts in this game cannot be defeated or damaged. They can only be escaped, hidden, solved, and escaped. There is no end to life. It is non-autonomous. There is only fear and passiveness.

Explore Secrets

It is the priority of those imprisoned here to escape from this school as soon as possible. What lies beneath the laundry area is more than meets the eye. Is this a haunted cemetery, or are you looking for a way out? Be sure to explore all the mysteries in the game before running away from here.

Challenging Levels

The first time you escape from the Evil Nun, don’t oversleep on the achievement! There are three different levels of difficulty for you to conquer! More difficult levels will speed up the Nun’s movements. You may beat the accessible mode, but the difficult way will still push you. Another option in Ghost Mode is to explore the secrets behind the school if you don’t want to face your enemies every day. Players can move freely and solve puzzles without being tracked in Ghost Mode even though they can’t see the girl. Viewing her face is a different experience sometimes.

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Stunning Graphics

As a result, Evil Nun lacks a large graphics platform, so people don’t appreciate it. It’s just an image, but the combination of blood and horror will chill the player. There is something spooky but realistic about this first view. The player will be haunted by it throughout the game.

Mod features Evil Nun Mod Apk unlimited Coins.

  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Shopping
  • Easy to Play

How to download and install Evil Nun MOD APK?

Follow these easy steps to download the Evil nun mod apk on your phone without the hassle.

  • Click on the download button we have given here
  • The download will start
  • When the download is complete, go to your phone Downloads folder
  • Search for the apk file
  • Proceed to Install
  • When the installation process is done, you can play the game.
  • Cheers, it is that simple. 


Can we play this game on PC?

Yes, you can play Evil nun mod apk on your PC.

What’s new in the mod version?

You can access unlimited premium features free of cost in this game.

How to download the latest Evil nun mod apk?

We have shared the download link of this game here.

Final Words

If you want to enjoy playing arcade games and having unlimited fun, this game is for you. We hope you never get bored while playing Evil nun mod apk. As this is the mod version, you can access all the premium features for free. You can download the latest mod version of Evil Nun from here. Have a good gaming experience!

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