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best fairway woods in golf

If you seek help to find the best fairway woods, we are here to assist you in finding fairway woods that can help you in many ways using advanced technologies. We assure you all our products will get your ball into the air. Most of the fairway woods are made with the combination of draw bias, slight offset, and sometimes a giant head to help players to get more confidence while looking at the ball. Moreover, these heads are also helpful for consistent striking. 

We have kept in mind all the points mentioned above and researched well about these products. After in-depth research, we have prepared a list of fairway woods that can improve the experience of our visitors. Let’s have a look at our chosen products.

Top 5 Best Fairway Woods Comparison 2021

Fairway WoodsRating Price
Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Speedzone⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Vixa V12 Fairway Wood Golf Club⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Titleist TS2 Fairway Wood⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
TaylorMade M4⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Draw⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price

1) Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Speedzone

Best Fairway Woods

Cobra is famous for producing fairway woods having hybrid technologies with solid construction. Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Speedzone Fairway Black-White is a speedy product having the power, distance and speed feature all in one. 


Here, you will find a traditional model due to its design that has back weighting along with a shallower face for towering trajectories and easy launch. This device has CNC milling, which is up to 5 times precise and accurate than hand polishing.

There are hollow split rails more flexible than solid fences and capable of creating the area from heel to toe 70% larger. Moreover, the speed of the ball is promoted to a fast extent with the help of a split speed channel. 

If you want to track your activities like accuracy and distance, install the Across Caddie app on your smartphone, and you’re done. Further, you will get a fast speed and stability through the turf, which allows the club to glide without any effort out of the lie.

Advanced Technologies
Fast speed
Solid construction
Activity Tracking app
Hallow split Rails
Dual Buffer Rails
It does Not produce exact distances

Check Price

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2) Vixa V12 Fairway Wood Golf Club

best fairway woods ever

You can get your ball into the air without any worry with the help of Vixa V12 fairway Wood. There is a choice to set your hand according to your need. It could be right or left hand as there is a choice of hand available. 


This product will help the handicappers lie between mid to high to conquer approach shots. Moreover, the design of these fairway woods is pretty amateur-friendly and easy to handle.

You may have observed that there is a rare chance that the same product is famous among both genders, but this gadget is a favorite of men as well as women. Further, it has plenty of scoring club options. 

Vixa V12 gives players ease of getting accurate and precise shots from the tee along with longer distances. There is a slip-fit sole that helps to eliminate digging and bouncing of the ball through the turf. 

This fairway wood is durable and has a heat-treated clubface to get maximum ball speed. The high-quality construction of this device allows you to launch the club from grass to tee.

Fast speed
Dynamic Loft
Low Profile Clubs
Non-adjustable hosel

Check Price

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3) Titleist TS2 Fairway Wood

best fairway woods off the deck

Titleist TS2 Fairway Wood 4 Wood helps players to make their game aggressive and accurate. This device enables players to take far and straight shots. Further, it is a durable and stable fairway on which you can rely.


There is a speed chassis feature to make the drivers work fast and give long shots without compromising the accuracy. The thinnest titanium crown shifts the weight to lower and deeper ends to keep the optimal center of gravity location. 

The speed of the ball can be maximized with the help of a variable thickness face that makes this fairway wood faster than other devices. Moreover, you can reduce the drag by 20% with a new streamlined shape.

Titanium Crown
Faster Face
Streamlined shape
Recoil Channel
Speed Chassis
Low adjusting than its predecessors

Check Price

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4) TaylorMade M4

best new fairway woods 2021

TaylorMade M4 is more precise and has a more prominent sweet spot than previous devices, which produces excellent forgiveness with higher inertia. This is an ultimate fairway wood having solid multi-material construction. 


This fairway wood consists of a more oversized clubhead than its predecessors. Moreover, the weight of this device is split down into sections, half weight on the heel and another half on the toe.  This action will make your shots accurate which were not in the center. 

The 5-layer silver crown makes this fairway more attractive and also reduces spin while driving a higher launch. This variant has more spin features than the M3 variant. Don’t forget to get a fitted fixed hosel from the dealer as if you don’t do so, and probably you can’t exchange shafts. 

The degrees of M4 vary according to the hand like it is available in lofts of 15, 16.5, 18, 21, and 24 degrees if you are buying it for a right-handed person. While for left-handed, the lofts are 15, 16.5, and 18 degrees.

5-layer silver crown
Different lofts
Pleasing to hold
More forgiving
Large head

Check Price

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5) TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Draw

best fairway woods for high handicappers

TaylorMade SiM 2 has ultra-low CG and produces explosive distance along with high launch and low spin. This fairway consists of more forgiveness that attracts golfers and develops more confidence in them.


V steel technology promotes turf interaction and increases the durability of play from various angles. This is an improved weight fairway woods having versatile features on and off the turf.

The face of this device is a C300 steel twist which makes it more solid and reliable. There is also twist face technology that overcomes the issue of miss-hits and improves the speed of shots. Moreover, there are Thru-slot speed pocket and Draw-bias features available to make the gadget more user-friendly and reliable.

V-steel Technology
C300 Steel Twist
Less forgiving

Check Price


We hope that our researched products will help our visitors. Customer satisfaction is our priority. However, if you have any queries or suggestions, don’t hesitate to write in the comment section below.


What are the best fairway woods for high handicappers?

Ans: Vixa V12 fairway Wood is best for high handicappers.

What are the easiest fairway woods to hit?

Ans: TaylorMade SiM 2 is the best fit here.

Which fairway wood is the most forgiving?

Ans: TaylorMade M4 is the most forgiving fairway wood.

Which one is the best fairway wood?

Ans: Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Speed zone Fairway Black-White is the best among all.

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